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I will try to build an english version of a little part of my site. To begin, I will present my pictures with little texts.

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My site is in three parts, the news, the "standard" train, and the narrow gauge, and mining trains.

French Railways News:

Aquitaine credits the Pau-Canfranc line with the budget(12-may-00)

Old editorial(10-may-00)

The Sète-Mèze line(10-may-00)

La Vie Du Rail runs off the line (still)...(08-mar-00)

Does tram of Lyon have you it only but adverse?(08-mar-00)

Soon a direct line TGV Paris-Chambéry?(08-mar-00)

News of the Vallée d'Aspe(08-mar-00)

Diesel TGV in Vendée...(02-feb-00)

Cutting off of sections of lines of the national shoed network (02-feb-00)

Albi - Saint-Juery: hundred years and full with projects(26-01-00)

Floods: Picasso will be given on the rails to Easter(26-01-00)

Loco freight: the delivered news arrived (22-01-00)

TRN Project materializes in Périgueux (22-01-00)

A subscription for saving Bort-les-Orgues Neussargues(2000)

Cimetery of TEE in Perigord(1998)


Urban transport news:

France; Orléans tram crosses the town!(29-oct-00)

Romania; Munich gives trams to Timisoara(29-oct-00)

United States; Light rail success in Denver(29-oct-00)

Canada; Toronto Airport by rail or bus?(29-oct-00)

Tram of Nice: it is the iron which they prefer(10-may-00)

«Trams goods »to deliver great surfaces(10-may-00)

New tramway at La Ciotat, new lines at Nantes(10-may-00)

Bordeaux; First budget tram for the urban community(02-feb-00)

Concrete: B45 fibred for the tram of Orleans(02-feb-00)

Beginning of polemic on the cost of the " guided trolley bus " of Nancy(26-01-00)


International news:

"The moral hard shoulder" from The Observer (London)(29-oct-00)

7th International Conference Cities & Ports 6-9 november 2000 - Marseille (France)(10-may-00)

Tower Colliery(10-may-00)

Eurotunnel proposes two solutions in drilled tunnel(02-feb-00)

The reopening of Pau - Canfranc being studied(02-feb-00)

TEAM Works reinvents railway cruising (22-01-00)

Save the Lisbon tramway, line 18.(25-12-99)



Narrow gauge railway

Garden railroad....(10-may-00)

Links page for narrow gauge railway(02-feb-00)

Pictures page(26-01-00)

The Provence Transport Museum of La Barque - 13(22-01-00)

Good news for the Corsica railways (1999)

Oysters take train in south of france(1999)